Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Settling into a new year

So I've had a few complaints from people about the lack of recent updates. Simply regard this as a multiple update update.

1. Moving house. After spending the last year in the apartment of my discontent, grappling with cockroaches and watching paint peel from the ceiling, I finally moved. The new apartment is elegant, pleasing to the eye and soothing to the ear - I wake up to bird song every morning. Here are some views, from the bedroom balcony and the living room balcony respectively.

2. Spiritual retreat. I had the chance to spend a weeked at a silent retreat outside of Yaounde hosted by the local Opus Dei house. Good prayer time and especially good to be out of the city. Here's a view from an early morning stroll, the moist fog of the night just beginning to rise....

3. Getting engaged. As all of you already know, Amy and I got engaged in October, the 8th. At least I think it was the 8th. It's all been a blurr since then.

4. Finding a Church. After much searching, Amy and I finally settled St. Laurent, a francophone church that I think we'll call home for some time. This will also be where Amy and I get married

So, there it is: my 2nd Fall in Yaounde. Quite eventfull, I think you'll agree. The rainy season, by the way, has once again been simply spectacular.


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